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What's your story? Katrin Dreiling

All stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. But within a story there can be many chapters, sections, volumes, prologues and epilogues. The best stories are filled with passion, perseverance and surprise twists and turns.

It seemed so appropriate to post Katrin's story today! Have you seen her gorgeous, spooky, quirky #inktober offerings? you can find them on her Instagram space at

The Beginning :

My name is Katrin and I am a German born illustrator who moved to Australia about 16 years ago with my husband and two children. We then later added another little girl and a big Golden retriever to the family.

Before we moved to Australia, I used to be a high school teacher for German and English but I soon realised that I had other dreams and that maybe now was the time to do something about it. So I changed careers 4 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

I love to create quirky illustrations that are partly made with materials and techniques children are familiar with and invite them to be creative, too. In my opinion kidlit and its illustrations are very important and shaping influences in a child’s life and they have the power to help raising a kind human being. We can never have enough of those.

The Middle:

So far, I have illustrated 5 picture books and one school reader and created two more picture books that will be published early next year together with another picture book I am currently still working on. One of those recent projects is a Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream version for little kids that I particularly enjoyed and the other one is a picture book about bedtime for our Australian EK Books publisher, written by Sharon Giltrow. The third picture book is my third time working for Little Pink Dog Books and Michelle Worthington, and will be about the famous Granny Smith.

And the End ( which is always a new beginning!):

Since I won the SCBWI and Harper Collins portfolio award earlier this year at the Sydney conference I am proudly represented by Essie White at Storm Literary Agency and feel very lucky to have this opportunity to be working with her and be part of her amazing team of creatives. I feel that Essie has the experience and wisdom to guide me through the kidlit industry that I was always seeking. I obviously don’t really know what the future holds but it is my strong belief that if you work hard and are very passionate about something you will reach your goals one day – my goal is to be a published author/ illustrator and to see my book in a book store and that my stories are read and enjoyed by many little people.

Thank you Katrin, for sharing your story, and your gorgeous illustrations that always make me smile. You can find Katrin online at

Talk to you soon...

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