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New POD has dropped! What's your story? - Lori Starling

Hi there, Story Lovers! Welcome to 2021 and what nicer way to kick it off than with a new podcast episode about an absolutely gorgeous non- binary main character?

When I wrote Auntie Uncle: Drag Queen Hero , I had no idea the it would afford me the opportunity to meet so many fascinating, creative , passionate people who also champion diversity and inclusion in children's literature. I'm fortunate enough to also be able to share their stories with you- and here is the first one for this year!

Lori Starling is a writer, poet, amateur ukulele player, and lover of all things Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, and Sylvia Plath. Through their writing, they strive to create realistic worlds for their readers to explore, where marginalized voices are heard and empowered.

Starling holds an MFA in creative writing, as well as a BA in English & creative writing with various associate degrees. In addition to their writing shenanigans on, their writing can be seen in places like One Green Planet, Life in 10 Minutes Lit Magazine, and Beyond Queer Words: A Collection of Poems. Recently, they have co-founded Clay Literary, which houses two weekly online publications: FLEDGLING and RAVEN. Toby Wears a Tutu is their first children’s book

Published by Brandlylane Publishers, Illustrated by Anita Du Falla, this is the blurb:

It’s the first day of school, and Toby is dressed in their best and ready to make new friends! But first, Toby’s new classmates want to know: Is Toby a boy or a girl? Toby isn’t sure how to answer. Toby likes to wear basketball shorts and tutus. Toby plays ninjas and dances ballet. Finally, after a little thought and some encouragement from Mom, Toby has a declaration to make: they can eat, wear, do, or be anything they want! Toby isn’t a boy or a girl—Toby is just Toby.

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Talk to you soon ( real soon, if you're going to the podcast LOL)


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