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Happy Lunar New Year 2021! Let's make some MAGIC...

Welcome to 2021, story lovers!

"Wait a minute Ellie", I hear you say, "aren't you a bit late to the party?"

Weeeeell, yes and no.

See, for one thing I'm all about 'lunar time' as opposed to 'patriarchal, socially constructed and agreed upon but with no real basis for actually making January 1st a new year' time.

Also, it always just seems to take me until February to get my act together.

You know?

So, for me, Lunar New Year it is. And what a glorious New Year, New Moon 2021 brings, with all those planets in divine Aquarius.

"Hold up Ellie," I hear you say again "what's all this blather about Lunar New Year and planets and stuff? Aren't you a kidlit author?"

Good question!

Yes I am a kidlit author. I love writing books for kids . I love reading books for kids. I love the kidlit community. I'll always be an advocate for books and reading and literature, especially for and with kids. I have a new picture book coming out in June, which I'm thrilled about !


I'm also a lot of other things. I am a WHOLE person. As, dear reader are you! My word for this year has revealed itself to be... WHOLE. ( My other word for the year is 'clarity.' Why two words? I dunno. Go figure. They're both right up there though.)

So in 2021, my mission, which I have chosen to accept, is to remember I’m a WHOLE human.

Sometimes we forget that, in a world where mono-focus rules.

Think about it.

From agriculture to business, focusing on 'one thing' is what our culture (and for clarity, when I say this I mean my culture, which is white, middle class, western consumerist based) tells us is the right way to live our lives. "Jill of all Trades Mistress of None", right?

In fact, we get broken into bits, with some bits ‘approved’ by society and other bits not so much.

We lose parts of the story of our Selves.

Now, don't get me wrong. We need to focus and hone our respective crafts, whatever they may be. Our MAIN story needs energy and focus and passion. But, you know what?

That story can change. You're not locked in to ONE thing for the rest of your life.

AND... there's a whole lot of other threads in our stories that make life rich, hilarious, and beautiful that are also worth time, energy and passion. Even if we never master the ukulele it's pure joy to play with for an hour a week. Even if we never enter a triathlon, the pleasure of being outdoors for a day can carry us through a whole week of other stuff.

This year, I’m rebelling against “The Rules” that say you must only be one thing in order to live a joyful, rich, abundant life, or to be successful communicating with others.

I'm puttin' my WHOLE writin,' readin', podcastin', starwatchin', moon gazin', seed plantin', knittin, cookin, storytellin', vintage lovin', self out there. (Or maybe it's in here, but either way, it's the WHOLE package.)

I've been learning, one of my FAVOURITE things. I’ve been learning about stories, one of my other favourite things. I'm learning about Narrative Therapy, and how the stories we tell and hear about ourselves impact on our lives WAY more than we think. I’m also learning about how stories are built into the architecture of our brains and how we humans actually need stories to survive and thrive, especially in 2021 and beyond.

It’s blowing my mind. It’s magical. It’s helping me make sense of so many strands of my own


I want to share that with you!

I'm also reincarnating MOON RITES because people have asked for it! It's book about how tapping into the magic of the lunar and our own cycles can unlock a wellspring of personal power that's purely life changing. Exciting stuff.

So look, this is really to let you know what I’ll be up to for the rest of this year at least, and invite you along for the ride.

You can find me here at on my written blog, or at my Podcast “We Are All Made of Stories”.

If you’re interested in the Lunar Lifestyle, pop over to .

But here’s an idea...

If you subscribe to my newsletter you can get the skinny on ALL of it bundled up in one place (the WHOLE shebang!) and decide where you want to go and what you want to dive into for yourself.

You want to? Amazing! I’m so excited to have you alongside me on this crazy trip!

Let’s do this thing. Let’s make some magic!

See, I can’t tell you how to live your life… but I can tell you a story. Maybe it’s just the one you need.

Be talking to you soon, Story Lovers!


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