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It's a POD! "We Are ALL Made of Stories" goes poddy...

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

OH JOY! After some months of creative wanting, doing enthusiastically but not very well, re- doing, learning, re-doing some more, learning some more and finally re- doing again - A new podcast is born! It feels scary and exciting, familiar and alien, all at the same time.

2020, right? If you're any kind of creative, it's been all about "pivoting" finding new ways to connect with the world, mostly digital. I tried video but, at least at this stage, it just didn't feel right for me.

And then, I tried podding.

You know how it feels when you slide into bed after you've just made it with fresh sheets, all crisp and smelling lovely?

No? That's just me then...

Anyway, think of something that feels wonderful, familiar and comfortable but still exciting and you'll understand how I felt when I fiddled around with recording stuff.

It's such a special way to connect with YOU, dear readers (and perhaps listeners) and to share the magic and power of Story - my story, other people's stories, imaginary stories, ALL the stories. See, I know for sure that stories change us, that they can help and heal, inspire and support us. Of myself I can do nothing, but I can share a story with you... and maybe it's just the one you need.

It's the next right step outward from this blog, in fact.

Is it "What's Your Story" on steroids?!


It's a bit loosey goosey still, and I'm on a steep ol' learning curve, but I'm strapped in and ready for the journey.

I'd love you to come along for the ride in 2021 and beyonnnnnddddd... Here's what it's all about, read on!

Are you a Story Lover ? Stories are threads that weave us into families, communities and cultures. As this strange year of 2020 draws to a close, I'm setting off on a long awaited podcast-style exploration of stories, what they are, what they mean , how we consume them and how they help us navigate our way through this twisty, turny thing called" life". I have no idea where it will take me but one thing I know for sure, it'll be interesting.


Episode One is called "So Many questionable Career Choices, So little time to Apologise"

In spite of the title , Zoe and I never actually got around to discussing her questionable career choices. Maybe that's because we talked about so many other things- creative voice, how creativity manifests itself, finding the exact right sticky tape, talking to yourself, rabbit holes leading to mathematical explanations for individuality, how to maintain your creative flow when you're a Mum and the dire consequences of not, isolation, introversion versus extroversion, plus a food story or two.

I also discuss how this year has been for me as an Aussie kidlit author with her very first U.S publication "Auntie Uncle ; Drag Queen Hero" (published by POW!Kids Books in New York, illustrated by Hannah Chambers) when the world has basically shut down! Here is the LINK TO THE EPISODE!

Or you can listen on Apple or Spotify!

Thanks to Zoe for sharing her stories.

Zoe Collins BIO In writing her bio, Zoe Collins finds it increasingly difficult to define her creative endeavours. She writes, paints on canvas, collages, draws on her iPad, crochets, cooks, eats, talks, writes newsletters and sometimes imagines herself as a backing vocalist for an 80s rock band. She also has a quiet ambition and desire to avoid working for the man. Her latest creative endeavours include a range or two of spunky earrings, a tea towel design and random drawings on Noritake fine china.

As a graphic designer and illustrator she has worked in studios, run her own business and taught in universities. Her current teaching endeavours are strictly unbureaucratic and lean heavily towards creative problem solving and play.

Zoe lives in Brisbane with her three favourite humans, the best dog ever and a bastard of a cat. She enjoys making paper journals with her long-arm stapler and feeding appreciative eaters.

Find Zoe online at Fabbo people we mention in the podcast: 'Wooly'John Woolrych - director at Colour Chiefs Jen Storer Lilla Rogers

Julia Cameron "The Artists Way"

Podcast music by The Joydrops- "Not Drunk".


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