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frizzle and me

Written By Ellie Royce

Illustrated by Andrew McLean


 Who’s in your family?

Frizzle and Me is the gently humorous story of a growing rainbow family. It’s a big deal when your family changes, but with plenty of love to go around, even the biggest changes can be wonderful!

Frizzle And Me is a valuable classroom resource with opportunities within the Australian Curriculum in English and Humanities and Social Science: Inquiry & Skills from Foundation to Year 2 and beyond. Frizzle and Me touches on many different areas of the K-10 Curriculum that focus on diversity, inclusion, family, community, respect and kindness.

  Out now! download teachers notes or find out More HERE...
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Written by: Ellie Royce
Illustrated by: Andrew McLean

Every week Lucas’ mum visits Great Grandpop at the nursing home. And every week Lucas waits for her outside. Waiting, for Lucas, is boring. Then one day he meets Jack. Jack is tricky and Jack is fun, and he is a great storyteller. He understands how Lucas is feeling – ‘Not much to do in there with all the oldies, I suppose’. To help pass the time he tells Lucas stories about himself and other residents of the nursing home. Lucas & Jack is a great book for introducing young children to the idea that old people can be fun and that deep down we have more in common than we think. More importantly Lucas & Jack encourages children to ask questions, be curious, imaginative and empathetic.

Teacher's notes by Janet McLean here.

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