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Auntie Uncle:
Drag Queen Hero

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A  fun, fabulous, and uplifting story about unconditional love and letting your true self shine!

 Review from Kate Gordon, Just Kids Lit : I have to admit to shedding more than a couple of tears, reading this lovely book. Just as Ellie is an ally to her trans friends and readers, the small boy in this book is an ally to his “Auntie Uncle” in the most beautiful way – he celebrates both facets of Auntie Lotta/Uncle Leo. This book does the same, showing us that the multitudes within us are what make us special, that nobody has to choose just one way to be, and that the person – or people – inherent in our soul is perfect just the way they are. Read full review HERE

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 Review from BlackRaven  : Auntie Uncle: Drag Queen Hero is a modern take on gender and how it is fluid. It is how Drag is not just “dressing up” but being who you are.  The best part is how normal and realistic the situation is. Uncle Leo helps with homework, plays with his nephew and they have fun. Auntie Lotta sings, dances and has fun with her nephew. Just because Leo is Lotta/Lotta is Leo is beside the point. These are things we can relate to: having fun with a family member.

Read full review here

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From the Author's note in Auntie Uncle : "Sometimes you think of a story and sometimes a story thinks of you.I look at life through a lens where love is love, and I feel so grateful to to have been granted a position to tell a story that uplifts those who share this point of view. Auntie Uncle is for everyone who needs the courage to be themselves, whoever that may be.

You are seen.

You are heard.

You are precious."

 Ellie Royce.

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