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Ramblin' Reflections and a brand new adventure!

Hi, fabulous story-lovers!

Hasn't this been the weirdest year on record, ever?

I mean, apart from having a fabulous and exciting and beautiful picture book launched into the world in April, that I couldn't really do much about as it was published on the other side of the world in the middle of a global pandemic ( What? You missed that bit? You can catch up on my blog here, if you like...) I've been writing a lot. A LOT. But that's not interesting- except to me. 

"How's the book going?" people ask.

"Yeah, up to chapter six" I reply.

"Hmmm, weren't you up to chapter six last time I asked?"

I think of the fifty thousand words I've written and deleted, the adventures my characters have lived, the inside out and upside down way I revise revise revise and revise and say

"Yep, that's right. Chapter six."

Most people have stopped asking, for which I can only thank the Gods.

I've been posting regular blogs of other peoples stories, mostly my lovely fellow kidit creators. There will be a lot more coming from me soon though, so if you enjoy reading the rambling reflections of a regional writer of words for the most important audience in the world - KIDS- then I'd love to meet you here.

If you're REALLY keen and want to keep in touch with what's going on in my slightly confused world - you can now subscribe on my website and I'll email you every time something interesting happens! (Heads up- I'm not that interesting- it probably won't be more than once a month...)

Oh yes- I've also been on the You Tube!

It was in JULY.

Once at one o' clock in the morning doing a reading of Auntie Uncle for my US publisher.

Honestly, I don't think there was anyone there and I don't blame them because the connection was awful on my computer, the light was awful and I'm not really at my best at 1 am these days .

The other one was at a far more civilised hour of 10 am when I was interviewed by the lovely Michelle Worthington - it'll definitely be more watchable when it comes out since I discovered that zoom works amazingly well on my phone, even though I was so nervous that I totally forgot to mention any of my books.

But you know, third times a charm... Anybody?

Cue crickets chirping...

Michelle's done a fabulous bunch of interviews with people who actually know what they're doing as well as me, and they are great. Why not check out her channel?

And here we are in AUGUST! For many reasons, I'm taking a leap into the unknown and doing something I've always wanted to. I'm going to POD. or CAST. (I'm not sure which is correct.)

Yes, finally, the WE ARE ALL MADE OF STORIES Podcast will be coming to a device near you! 

There's something about this year that's called me to fulfil my dream of not only foisting my thoughts onto an unsuspecting public, but to share the stories of other creatives too. Because, well, if you don't realise by now that I'm obsessed with stories, that I believe stories have power and each one of our stories is a thread that weaves together  the fabric of our lives, our communities and our world and that we need stories of all kinds to feed our souls...

you've probably had a lucky escape!


Stay tuned for more about the podcast adventure.It's not far away now!

Until next time, stay safe and well...

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