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Children's Author

Are you a librarian, teacher or care giver looking for stories to share with young minds and hearts?

Do you want story bridges that connect me to you, you to each other and the world?

Then you've come to the right place. I'm so happy you're here!



  Do you love stories too?

Stories bring me joy. I want that joy for you, but everyone's joy is different, right?

 On my podcast, We Are ALL Made of Stories, I explore stories, how and why they   weave us into families, communities and cultures. I also share the stories of all kinds of amazing , creative humans and the different ways they find their joy. Because we can always do with a bit more joy, can't we? 

See, I can't tell you how you should live, but I can tell you a story.

Maybe it's just the one you need to hear...

We are ALL made of stories… what’s yours?

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Creative Human

As a creative human, this is my story.

I want it to be juicy, fun and to pack in as much joy as possible.

I'm a WHOLE creative human and so are you! I chase my joy  by writing, reading, cooking, growing food, having fun with my fam, watching the stars, listening to the ocean, making new stories out of old ones, learning stuff, making stuff and saying stuff,  both with friends and solo.

How about you?

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Talk to you soon!

# we are all made of stories...