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 Stories, stories, stories. Your story. My story. OUR story.

 We read them, watch them, hear them, live them. 

 Hello there, I'm Ellie Royce, Kidlit Author, nerdy grandma, podcaster, storyteller, book lover and now, book maker.

 I share stories and stories about stories, because they connect us, weaving us into families, communities and cultures.

Kids Reading Outdoor


Quite simply, stories are the way we make meaning out of our world and what happens in it.

Our world needs stories now more than ever, as many different stories as there are different people, so that there are enough stories for absolutely everyone.

We Are All Made of Stories is where you can find out about me, about the books I write, the We Are All Made of Stories podcast, and now... ta daaa... We are All Made of Stories is also an imprint, making books for you to love!

 See,  I can't tell you how you should live, but I can tell you a story.

 Maybe it's just the one you need to hear...

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